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Cricket: is it still called a gentlemen’s game?

While rules and guidelines form the structure of the game, it is the spirit in which it is played, that makes it come alive. Cricket is the heartbeat of many nations. It is that one sport that can bring people together in one over and tear them apart in another! It gives ordinary men and [...]


T20 2010 World Cup – Highlights and Happenings

Football has a world cup, Tennis has its grand slams and Cricket has two world cups! That’s right cricket is lucky enough to have two world cups. The 50 overs cricket matches that happens once every four years and 20-20 one that takes place every two years. It is organised by the ICC that is [...]

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What Twenty – 20 Is All About

Cricket is one of the most loved games in sports world with a fan following in almost every country. Cricket goes back a long way and has a rich heritage. Over the years cricket has seen many variations and new forms of the games. We have test matches that are played over a period of [...]

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Cricket in Australia

The Australian Cricket team is one of the best all rounder teams in the world. It is the joint oldest Test cricket team after playing the first ever Test matches against England in 1877 and they defeated them by 45 runs. As of January 2010 Australia has played 719 Test matches and has won 51.87% [...]

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Cricket and Cricketing heroes

Cricket is way of life and is the one national sporting game that ties the entire country together in a spirit of brotherhood, international competition and patriotism. When in summer the international cricket rounds begin everyone is an “Australian” and the city rivalries disappear. We have the British to thank for the game of Cricket [...]

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